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June 2017

Szymon Wilk gave a presentation at the 16th Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Medicine (AIME 2017) in Vienna, Austria. In the talk Szymon presented application of constraint logic programming to verify two-layered decision models for computer-interpretable clinical guidelines (CIGs) and to control the process of their revision. 

Szymon also gave a presentation at the KR4HC-ProHealth-RichMedSem 2017 workshop collocated with AIME 2017 on a data- and expert-driven framework for helping patients with adherence to therapies. The framework, developed with other MET researchers, allows for identification of psychobehavioral targets affecting (positively or negatively) the adherence and for construction and selection appropriate interventions that include both educational and behavior change actions.

February 2017

Martin Michalowski gave a presentation at the Joint Workshop on Health Intelligence (W3PHIAI 2017) in San Francisco, USA. In his presentation Martin presented AFGuide - a system to educate and support primary care physicians in developing evidence-based and optimal therapies for atrial fibrillation that take into account multi-morbid conditions and patient preferences.